We use Technology-based, Community-driven, Agriculture solutions to empower, build and strengthen The Unreached

Since its inception in 2016, Candela Foundation has been working with Rural Communities in India to solve agriculture related grass-root problems. We are reaching to the unattended marginalized farmers with the best sustainable technology and farming methodology that would positively impact their lives.

Our Solutions include Natural Farming Trainings, Biogas and Manure production plants and Solar based equipments. We make critical interventions towards upgrading the skill and technology base by setting up Kaushal gram centers, promoting self-sufficiency. Our farm producer organizations, AgroTourism centers and biogas units are bringing smiles to hundreds of farmers. 

Started by a team of IIT Delhi alumni in 2016, Candela Foundation aims to touch one million growers through innovative, environmentally sensitive and transformative projects.

We care for...

1. Marginalized Farmers

Agriculture remains the primary source of income for India's population, and the majority of India's farmers subsist on small farms, less than two hectares. Smallholder farmers are the poorest and most malnourished among us. We envision an India where all farmers have zero budget harvests, natural crops, and rich soil.

2. Livelihood and Skill Development

Smallholder farmer's contribution to household food security and poverty alleviation is disproportionately high and is increasing. We have the mandate to strengthen the rural economy by generating various livelihood resources and skill development.

3. Agriculture Technology

From Inadequate farm equipment to financing inefficiencies, Indian agriculture is plagued by several issues. We believe technology can transform Indian agriculture by addressing challenges related to quality, quantity, distribution, and storage.

Our Solutions...


Kaushal Gram

Skill Development & Technology for Farmers

Aimed at reducing the cost of production along with promoting self-sustaining holistic natural farming practices. We partner with rural organizations and empower them with required training modules for further penetration.


Rural Tales

Travel & Experience the Real India

Providing additional income support to farmers along with a getaway for the foreign travellers in the heartlands of India. Visit and stay with a farmer family, work on farm and enjoy the day away from mobiles. We are currently present in 3 places in India.


A Day of Joy

Helping create better future for tomorrow

Through this program we engage with school kids, helping them with activity based life learning, career guidance and studies.
Come join us for a celebration of life with A Day of Joy


Rural Tales

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