RO water and sustainability

India is going through a severe water crisis. The water resources are shrinking, water table is depleting and people are either standing for hours in line or paying a hefty some for water.

At the same time, people with significant access to water (for example the high rises in Gurgaon) are wasting water like they won’t face water crisis ever in their lifetime.

A significant portion of water waste is in RO filtering process. ROs waste about 3 times of the water that it purifies and the waste water is also not waste water. It might have some more impurities. That’s it.

Here’s a solution that we propose…

Why don’t we start joining the Rain Water Harvesting System with the RO output. This way a single society will be saving lakhs of litres of water every year and supporting their own requirements themselves.

A single apartment building having 100 flats will have approx. 400 households leading to 1600 lts of water consumption a day including cooking water.

This must lead to about 5000 lts (1600*4) RO water coming out of water pipe. Which means approx 18 lakh litre water saved in an year.

Change starts from our households. We need to be the change we want to see in the world.

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